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An Overview of the Unit
Lesson 1: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow:
Creating a Timeline
Lesson 2: Rock Hounds:
Exploring Local Geology
Lesson 3: Field Trip to Norman Bird Sanctuary
Lesson 4: Native Americans in Rhode Island:
Narragansetts & Wampanoags
Lesson 5: Native Americans in Rhode Island
Lesson 6: Coming to America I
Lesson 7: Coming to America II
Lesson 8: Pilgrims Before the Crossing
Lesson 9: The Mayflower Compact
Lesson 10: Giving Thanks-
the Feast
Lesson 11: Roger Williams
and the Founding of Rhode Island
Lesson 12: Ann Hutchison
and The Founding of Portsmouth

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Added Material:
List of Materials

Return to Teacher Resource KitsPrehistoric Aquidneck island,
Native American and European Settlements

Created by: Mandy Howe and Mattie Kemp
for Grades 1-2

Dear Teacher,

Narragansett Natives & Roger Williams We hope you will enjoy using our kit. We both learned a great deal about the impact of events on the history and creation of this small island, which is tucked away in the smallest state of the Union. This 'story' is rich in history and geology, fascinating people, and beautiful places. Our research and writing could have gone on for months! Ideally, this kit will be a starting place for curriculum which can lead you in many directions and be integrated into your classroom program in various ways.

Dr. Betres has shown us that one of the best ways to address the social studies strands is by using a well known theme. This allows students the opportunity to build upon prior knowledge, reconstruct inaccurate knowledge, while constructing new knowledge. When developing this curriculum we used a constructivist approach. We have attempted to incorporate child centered views because of the developmental level of many of the students. Hands on activities are conducive to teaching younger children and cooperative skills add to their acquisition of knowledge. Though the activities allow for the construction of new knowledge and the students will hopefully be active participants, the learning is guided and hopefully, you will find it easy to choose the direction of the unit.

Included in the bibliography are a few books that provide background knowledge and many more activities. These books may be used in whole or in part, as read aloud selections, research center books, small literature group selections, or as part of your classroom library, dependent on the ability of the students. There are so many more resources available. If you know of others, please list them in the response journal along with your comments and reflections. This project is a work in progress and we hope you will help us, as we continue to learn, too!

Mandy & Mattie

Mandy Howe,
Arts Teacher
Pennfield School

Mattie Kemp
2nd Grade Teacher
Pennfield School

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