Differentiation Planner
Lesson 1: Daily Life on Aquidneck Island
Lesson 2: The Revolutionary War on Aquidneck Island
Lesson 3: The Battle of Rhode Island
Lesson 4: Childhood During the Revolutionary War
Lesson 5: Slavery on Aquideneck Island
Lesson 6: Colonial Architecture
Lesson 7: Colonial Religions

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Added Material:
- Aquidneck Island Time Line
- Anticipation Guide for The Battle of Rhode Island
- Directions for Revolutionary Game
- Criteria for Aquidneck Island Board Game
- Planning Sheet for Aquidneck Island Board Game

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Created by: Kathy Owens and Sue Moore
for Grades: 3-4

Dear Teacher,

Rhode Island Black regiment 1778 We hope that this kit will help you to bring the American Revolution to life within your classroom. There is so much information available from so many local sources that it was difficult to sift through it all and then determine what fourth and fifth graders should really know. Rhode Island and especially Aquidneck Island played a pivotal role in shaping our nation's history. We hope that students will look at their local surroundings with new eyes and appreciation for our areas rich history.

This kit is intended to be an introduction to Aquidneck Island and the Revolutionary War. In many instances we tried to look at life during this period through alternate perspectives e.g.: children, country vs. city, female vs. male, free vs. slave, etc. Lessons try to give children a sense of what life might have been like for them during this period. There are many opportunities for students to conduct research related to their own interests. Other lessons provide children with hands on opportunities which will deepen their understanding of concepts that otherwise might too abstract for them. Lessons can be extended, supplemented or modified to allow for differentiate for student's needs.

Aquidneck Island is rich in resources that can supplement this unit. We tried to build many of them into our lessons. Our intention was to inform you of many of these resources in the hope that you find some that suit your particular need. This unit could become as large or as small as the teacher wishes. Some lessons could be omitted and others extended. As you use this kit and modify, supplement and tailor it to fit the instructional needs of you particular class, please jot down your thoughts, feedback or suggestions in the response journal so that we can continue to grow and pass your great ideas along to the next user but most of all have fun!!


Kathy Owens
Retired Grade 4
Carey School

Sue Moore
Grade 4
Carey School

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