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Lesson 1: Introduction to Immigration -
The Memory Coat
Lesson 2: Graph of Immigrants
Lesson 3: Immigration -
The Keeping Quilt
Lesson 4: Immigration to Aquidneck Island
Lesson 5: Immigration -
African Americans Influence
Lesson 6: Irish Immigration -
Building of Fort Adams
Lesson 7: Writing a Research Project
Ethnic groups 1820-1880
Lesson 8: Researching and Writing Biographies
Important people of Newport 1820-1880

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Return to Teacher Resource KitsThe Impact of Immigration on Aquidneck Island
c. 1820 - 1880

Created by: Ellen Marshall and Vivian Palumbo-Boland
for Grades 4-5

Dear Teacher,

Immigrant Family & Statue of Liberty Welcome to a unit on the "Impact of Immagration on Aquidneck Island from 1820-1880". This unit is directed toward the fourth and fifth grade level but the lessons can be formatted to go up or down in grade levels.

We have enclosed Connecting Children with Children Past and Present by Eula T. Fresh, which could be used to enhance any of these lessons.

We learned a lot and enjoyed working on this project. We hope you and your students will enjoy working on this project, also.

Ellen Marshall,
St. Philomena School

Vivian Palumbo-Boland
St. Philomena School

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