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Lesson 1: Historical Introduction and Overview
Lesson 2: Primary Sources & Pictures
Lesson 3: Famous People
Lesson 4: Researching Historic Events
Lesson 5: Architectural Introduction
Lesson 6: Marble House -
technology, observational skills, senses
Lesson 7: Marble House -
Lesson 8: Day in Newport -
Field Trips
Lesson 9: Build Homes -
Clay replicas using recycled materials
Lesson 10: The Charleston -
(A dance!)

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Return to Teacher Resource KitsThe Gilded Age in Newport Rhode Island,

Created by: Beverley Murphy, Dana Guerney,
and Mary Stockard
for Grades: 5-6

Dear Fifth and Sixth Grade Teachers,

Front entrance of Marble House, Bellevue Ave, Newport RI We are so excited about your interest in this unit of study of the Gilded Age of Newport, Rhode Island. What a vibrant time of study. The more we read and visited key sites of interest in Newport, the more we became interested in the rich history of this area.

We have included a chronology of key events that have happened during this time (1914 to 1920). You will be surprised to see how much happened during this period! We have included local as well as regional, national and international events…from the dawn of baseball to the first transcontinental phone call from NY or San Francisco.

Each lesson might take from 1 - 2 days to 10 to 12 days-lots of flexibility for you to decide upon to provide a survey of the Gilded Age or to provide lots more opportunity for depth of study.

Included in the assessment packet are generic authentic assessment tools which may be adapted incorporating applicable district standards.

Our greatest hope is that both you and your students have fun learning about the Gilded Age of Newport and that you can joyfully document your students' learning and productivity.

Beverley Murphy,
Salve Regina Education Department

Dana Guerney
Salve Regina Education Department

Mary Stockard
Hathaway School, Portsmouth

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