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Lesson 1: Timeline
Lesson 2: Cause & Effect
Lesson 3: Photographic History - Then and Now
Lesson 4: Research
Lesson 5: Population Line Graph
Lesson 6: Advertising
Lesson 7: Persuasive Essay
Lesson 8: Transportation and Industry Newspaper

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Return to Teacher Resource KitsThe Turn of the Century and Aquidneck Island
Today & Tomorrow

Created by: Alison Ernest and Amy Trudeau
for Grades 6-7 and beyond!

Dear Teacher,

Bellevue Ave, Early 1900The Turn of the Century and Aquidneck Island Today and Tomorrow, Kit #5, will include a variety of lessons about world events and their rippling effects on the growth and development of Aquidneck Island from the early 1900s to the beginning of the 21st century. Students will learn and discover that Aquidneck Island has a significant role in American History.

The eight lessons in this kit will include a variety of skills, strategies, and content to be applied across both disciplines and readiness levels of 5th-7th grade students. From developing a life-size timeline, to predicting outcomes connected to the area in which they reside, students will connect and apply the knowledge they've acquired through direct instruction and individual research. As each activity unfolds through the essential questioning of: cause and effect, evolution of human interaction and the environment, and impact from the world at large; all lesson objectives will lend to the timeless theme of 'change'.

The lesson plans do not have to be taught in sequential order, nor do all lessons have to be used to gain sufficient understanding of Aquidneck Island's history from the 1900s to present day. We encourage that you use the kit as a guide and resource to give students a foundation for further exploration about why Aquidneck Island has evolved from where it was more than a hundred years ago to where it is today. This will evolve into predictions about where Aquidneck Island may be headed in the future. While the events during the 1900s have already been established, lessons connecting to the future outcome of Aquidneck Island's growth will involve a timeless theme that will be useful for the next century.

We hope that you enjoy the lessons and information provided in the kit. Use them to build background knowledge and expand the minds of your students. Don't forget to fill out the journal so that we may use your feedback to continually improve the kit.

Alison Ernest
6th grade Social Studies/Language Arts Teacher
Portsmouth Middle School

Amy Trudeau
6th grade Social Studies/Language Arts Teacher
Portsmouth Middle School

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