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     Teacher Resource Kits ...

  • Kit#1:
    Prehistoric Aquidneck Island, Native American and European Settlements
    Created by: Mandy Howe and Mattie Kemp
    Grades: 1-2

  • Kit#2:
    The City and Countryside & the Revolution
    Created by: Kathy Owens and Sue Moore
    Grades: 3-4

  • Kit#3:
    The Impact of Immigration on Aquidneck Island c.1820-1889
    Created by: Ellen Marshall and Vivian Boland
    Grades: 4-5

  • Kit#4:
    The Gilded Age in Newport Rhode Island, 1880-1920
    Created by: Beverley Murphy, Dana Guerney, and Mary Stockard
    Grades: 5-6

  • Kit#5:
    The Turn of the Century and Aquidneck Island Today & Tomorrow
    Created by: Alison Ernest and Amy Trudeau
    Grades: 6-7 and beyond!

  • Designed by Teachers for Teachers ...

    Aquidneck History - Teacher Resource Kits

    The Aquidneck History Teaching Kits are available for loan to teachers from ACE schools through the Janet L. Robinson Curriculum Resource Center, at Salve Regina University's McKillop Library.

    Each Kit Contains ...
    • A curriculum guide with differentiation plan and creative lessons based on NCSS Standards
    • The NCSS publication Expectations of Excellence: Curriculum Standards for Social Studies
    • The ACE publication, A Bibliography of Resources Pertaining to the Social History of Aquidneck Island
    • A variety of materials, resources and trade books to accompany the lessons
    • Teacher's Journal so that reflections and suggestions may be shared among teachers

    Check for loan avaialbility ...

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