McKillop Library

McKillop Library - Mission and Vision

MISSION. The McKillop Library’s mission is to support the Salve Regina University community in developing lifelong skills in critical thinking, research and information literacy, by providing distinctive collections, services, facilities and programs.

VISION. The McKillop Library plays a vital role in the teaching and learning mission of Salve Regina University. As a dynamic partner in the educational experience of the University, the McKillop Library strives to constantly evolve to meet the changing needs of our diverse community of learners, while advancing the institution’s mission, values, and vision. As advocates for information literacy and lifelong learning, librarians seek to collaborate with faculty to integrate information literacy and research skills into the curriculum as part of the curriculum planning and development process.

The McKillop Library serves as a gateway to worldwide information, enabling direct and remote access to resources in a wide variety of formats. High quality library collections are developed and maintained to meet the changing research requirements of the university community. Librarians provide a range of research services to guide users in navigating and making the best use of library collections. Providing exceptional service is a priority in all aspects of library operations. Librarians endeavor to provide a supportive learning environment through the promotion of scholarship, research, and teaching.

The McKillop Library is the intellectual heart of Salve Regina University, and in this role it should be aesthetically pleasing, hospitable, well-maintained, and secure for all users. The physical library accommodates and inspires a wide range of scholarly undertakings, including quiet individual study, structured group instruction, and informal collaboration. Space in the facility is assigned to operations, services and programs that contribute to the optimal success of the library.

The McKillop Library strives to support a collegial work environment in the belief that team-based decision-making and participative management builds a trust-based organizational culture and leads to engaged staff members.
About McKillop Library
McKillop library opened its doors in March, 1991, with 70,000 square feet of floor space and a spacious, comfortable atmosphere. The library holds approximately 150,000 volumes. There's plenty of room for individual and group study. There are more than 100 computers in the library available for research. We have wireless access available throughout the library. There is an electronic classroom for instructional purposes.

Dr. Lucille McKillop, R.S.M.The library is named in honor of Dr. Lucille McKillop, R.S.M., who was the fifth president of Salve Regina and the longest-serving president in university history (1973-1994). During her 21 years as president, Sister Lucille led the university through a critical period marked by challenges in finances, enrollment, academic offerings and direction. The university trustees named the building after Sister Lucille "as a lasting commemoration of [her] educational leadership."

mckillop arial The architectural firm of Robinson Green Beretta designed the library to reflect and conform to the surrounding historical buildings. It borrows its style from the neighboring Gothic style Wakehurst Mansion to the north and the Louis XII French Chateau style of nearby Ochre Court. The rock-face granite facade and lead coated copper roof echo turn-of-the-century design prevalent in buildings in the Ochre Point area.


Library Space
  • Over 70,000 total square feet;
  • 4 technology-equipped group study rooms, which can be reserved online;
  • Combined total of over 250 seats in a mix of configurations;
  • Seminar-style electronic classroom with teacher station, SmartBoard, 14 hideaway laptops, 12 desktop PCs, and conference-style table seating;
  • Silent floor (3rd FL) with individual study spaces;
  • Collaborative study areas with moveable whiteboards;
  • Curriculum Resource Center for Education majors;
  • Makerspace area (2nd FL) for crafting and creativity;
  • Provides an all-purpose meeting place plus exhibits and events


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