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Kite Castle, 1974

George Sugarman, Kite Castle, 1974

Monumenta was an outdoor modern art exhibit held in Newport in 1974 that consisted of fifty-four sculptures by forty different artists, including Christo, Willem De Koonig, Kosso Eloul, Richard Fleischner, Anne Healy, and James Rosati. The exhibit spanned multiple locations around the city of Newport, including both public areas and property owned by the Preservation Society of Newport County. William Crimmins, a resident of Newport, organized the exhibit and recruited Sam Hunter, an art professor from Princeton, to be the director.

Monumenta's 30th anniversary was commemorated in September 2004 in a month-long celebration called Re:Monumenta. The exhibition Monumenta Redux, held at the Island Arts Gallery, presented reproductions of photographs, sketches, press clippings and memorabilia related to the original show.

McKillop Library has two collections related to Monumenta:

Sod Maze, 1974

Richard Fleischner, Sod Maze, 1974

Wrapped Cove at King's Beach, 1974

Christo, Wrapped Cove at King's Beach, Newport, 1974

Hot Lips, 1970

Anne Healy, Hot Lips, 1970


Man with Flower, 1971

Karel Appel, Man with Flowers, 1971

Stiff Box #15, 1971

Lucas Samaras, Stiff Box #15, 1971