Food in the Library

Need a break?
Book Ends CafeTry our Bookends Café!
You may choose between several blends of coffee, a variety of teas, soft drinks and vending machine snacks. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate is only $1.00 a cup (quarters only; special mixes cost $1.50 ). There is even a change machine!

Non-alcoholic beverages in spill-resistant containers and snack foods are permitted in the library.

HOT MEALS and beverages in open cups should be consumed in the Bookends Cafe.

Tobacco FreeTobacco products of any kind are prohibited in the library.

Cell phones should not be used while in the library, except in the foyer, the cafe, or other clearly designated areas; ringers should be disabled or turned to vibrate.

Please be considerate of those around you and of library materials and equipment. Please toss trash and recyclables in the provided containers located throughout the library.

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