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Laptop borrower's policy


Salve Regina University students, staff, and faculty in good standing may borrow laptops from the McKillop Library Circulation Desk for use in the Library.
Laptops are circulated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Laptops may not be reserved in advance.
Laptops must be checked out in person, and the borrower's valid SALVE card is required.
A laptop borrower agreement must be signed each time a laptop is checked out, and the laptop must be signed in upon its return.
No food or drink is allowed when using a laptop.


Current SALVE ID is required. No one will be allowed to borrow a laptop without his/her SALVE ID.

Loan Enforcement

Laptop checkout is a privilege. The McKillop Library reserves the right to deny checkout privileges indefinitely based on past abuses.
A laptop can only be checked-out by a Supervisor, and a laptop can only be returned to a Supervisor.
Borrower is fully responsible for the laptop while it is his/her possession. If the laptop is stolen, broken, or returned in any non-usable condition, borrower is fully and solely responsible for the full amount of repair/replacement expense. Replacement expense for a laptop is approximately $1,500. _________(Initials). Unpaid repair/replacement charges will be referred to the Business Office, which may institute further collection action against Borrower.
The laptop is presumed lost if it leaves the McKillop Library building. Borrower is responsible for replacement costs.

Loan Period

The normal loan period is 2 hours. Only one renewal is allowed. Failure to return the laptop on time will result in suspension of future laptop privileges.
Laptops will stop circulating on hour before the closing of the Library. End-of-the-day loans must be returned 30 minutes before closing.

Where to Use Laptops

Laptops may be used only on the main, second and third floors of the McKillop Library. However laptops may not leave the building, nor may they be used in the Garden Level Computer Labs.
Access to the Internet is provided through the wireless network.


The borrower is responsible for the laptop while it is checked out to him/her.
Do not leave the laptop unattended.
Personal software may not be loaded onto the laptop. No user files will be retained on the hard disk.


Neither the Library nor the University is responsible for any damage to user's secondary storage (CD's, floppy disk, etc.) and/or the loss of data that may occur from use of the Library's computers and/or malfunctioning Library hardware/software.
The laptops may not be used for illegal activities including, but not limited to: disruption of other users/services/equipment, harassment, distribution of unsolicited advertising, propagation of computer viruses, and attempts to make unauthorized entries into other computers.


For technical questions about operation of the Library laptops, please see the Reference Desk.