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This form is to be used by Salve Faculty only.

Material will be available to students within three business days of today's date, but may take longer at the beginning of the semester.

A "rush" order may be placed on a reserve item if it must be made available more quickly (however digitization of videos requires at least a 1-day turnaround); enter "RUSH" in the notes field.

More frequently asked questions about course reserves answered below.


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Copyright Agreement:

Salve Regina University actively promotes compliance with U.S. Copyright Law. When accepting material for reserves, the McKillop Library requires that the requestor has followed the provisions of educational Fair Use set out under section 107 of U.S. Copyright Law; has a current license or has lawfully acquired such material; or has permission from the copyright holder to use it.

I attest that to the best of my knowledge, the use of the items I have submitted for reserve at the McKillop Library are consistent with U.S Copyright Law. Instructors are responsible for making sure reserves are in accordance with copyright law.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of reserves are available?

At Salve Regina University, we can place on reserve:
  • Traditional hardcopies (personal or library materials).
  • Electronic reserves for journal articles, brief book selections, PowerPoint, URLs, or images within copyright law (double-sided copies are accepted).
  • Video on Demand (streaming video) and audio files (only library and personally owned copies).

How long can I put something about reserve?

Reserves can remain active only while courses are being taught. For this reason, all reserves must come down at the end of each semester.

If you would like to have the same reserves available the next semester the course is taught, simply re-complete the reserves request form.

McKillop Library does keep records for each class. Therefore, if you would like to make all of the reserve items from a previous semester available, indicate this by writing "same as (and the last semester you taught the course)" on the reserve request form.

What about incompletes?

If a student has an incomplete and needs the course reserves to complete the required work, please contact Beth Blycker Koll at x2278 or by email at to make arrangements.


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