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HELIN Catalog Advanced Search
The catalog search box has been replaced with the Encore search box. The Encore discovery tool offers users a new way to search the library catalog. Encore uses a more "Google"-like approach to searching: enter keywords, and Encore returns results, sorted by relevancy and already restricted to the "Salve Regina University" collection.

Search resticted to Salve Regina University

Refine Results
Users can then refine the results by clicking on facets on the left side of page, such as "title" or a format such as "Video/DVD", or "English language" or "Collection". Facets can be unselected by clicking on the "red" x.

To restrict search to Salve' collection: select + more under Collections and look down the list for Salve Regina University.

Another helpful way to refine results is by using the tag cloud on the right side of the page, which shows key terms that appear in the results. By clicking on a tag, the result set is refined to just those items that include that key term.

Redo Search
One can easily redo the search by using alternate terms in the search box at the top, or adding the Brown 's University collection to the search by selecting Search InRhode from the right side of the page.

The Encore interface should be easy to use for those familiar with ecommerce sites such as

For those users who prefer the traditional catalog search, there are several links to the traditional catalog search interface. Clicking on "Advanced search" immediately below the Encore search box will take users into the advanced search interface for the catalog.
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New arrivals in the Library

Newport and Salve History and Culture Bibliography
Search the resources available and includes books, videos, newspapers, journals and websites.
ACE Bibliography of Aquidneck Social History
Search the resources available pertaining to the social history of Aquidneck Island for teachers from Kindergarten to 12th grade.