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Dr. James M. Ludes,
Executive Director of the Pell Center

New Directions for the Pell Center

Mon. Jan. 30, 2012
4:00-5:00 p.m.
McKillop Library

Dr. James M. Ludes Dr. Ludes, the Pell Center's new director, will discuss the Center's work, its plans for the future and efforts to better integrate the Pell Center into the Salve Regina community.

Dedicated to honoring Senator Pell's legacy, the Center promotes American engagement in the world, effective government at home, and civic participation by all Americans.

Comments from Dr. Ludes:

America is at a turning point. In Washington, and across the country, our elected officials are often paralyzed by politics and poll watching, and stymied by obstruction. As a result, American policy making, both at home and abroad, is often erratic, dominated by fads in thought and conventional wisdom, and too often disconnected from the people most affected by decisions. But it wasn't always this way.

In his remarkable 36 year career in the United States Senate, Claiborne Pell spoke for those who had no voice. He embodied the ideals of service, modesty, and integrity while he pursued the common good. With an eye on America's strength, he worked with Democrats and Republicans to make America, truly, the land of opportunity. He encouraged service in our communities. And he believed America's power should be preserved and used to foster more peace, more justice, and more mercy in the world.
Dr. Ludes is the former executive Director of the American Security Project, a bipartisan, nonprofit public policy research and education organization focused on national security. As a member of President-elect Obama's transition team, he served as chief of the Department of Defense Senate confirmation team, successfully directing the confirmation process for four priority nominees. Dr. Ludes was also a legislative assistant to Senator John F. Kerry, and editor-in-chief of the National Security Studies Quarterly. At Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service he served with the Center for Peace and Security Studies and as a lecturer for the Defense Leadership and Management Program.

An interview with Dr. Ludes appears in the winter 2012 issue of Report from Newport:

A reception will follow Dr. Ludes presentation.