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Finding e-books

How do I find electronic books (e-books) on a certain topic in the catalog?

The library provides access to a number of e-book collections such as e-books on EBSCOhost (formerly Netlibrary) and Ebrary. E-books can make research easier, since they allow you to search for a keyword anywhere in one book or in all of the e-books in one collection.

For general information about our e-book collections or to browse directly within a certain collection, please visit the library's e-books webpage.

To search for e-books on a certain topic, enter keyword(s) in the "search catalog" search box on the library homepage.

Books tab

Once you get a list of results, you can then limit your search to e-books by clicking on "Modify search" at the top of the page. Then, limit the material type to "EBOOK."

Books tab

Limit to e-book

When you find a book you would like to view, click on the title. Then click on the "Salve ebook..." link to view the book online. (Note: if a book does not have a Salve link then it is not accessible). For off-campus access to e-books, you will be asked to provide your name and library barcode number. Some ebooks can also be downloaded to mobile devices; see our guide to downloading ebooks for instructions (currently EBSCOhost and Ebrary collections only).

View an e-book


Have more questions? Ask a librarian at 401-341-2289.

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