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 Scholarly journals:

  • Do not have to include the word journal to be considered scholarly
  • Are evaluated or peer reviewed by experts in the subject fieldMarine Ecology and Journal of Research in Personality
  • Most often use standardized formats (APA, MLA, Turabian, etc.)
  • Are academic and can be very technical; written in scholarly language that is specific to the discipline
  • Include articles which often have graphs, charts, tables, data, and case studies that support their research
  • Require every article to include a bibliography titled References or Works Cited and may also include footnotes or endnotes within the text. This is an excellent source for locating further research.
  • Include articles that qualify as a primary source if the author(s) publishes the findings of original research or experimentation
  • Include articles that are considered secondary sources if the authors review research conducted by others in the field

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