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Academic Honesty (Module 2)
Article Searches ( Module 4)
Article Search Techniques (Module 4)
Authorship and Plagiarism


Books and Other Lengthy Sources (Module 3)
Brainstorming - Building a Concept Map (Module 1)


Catalog Searching - See HELIN Searching (Module 3)
Citing Sources and Academic Dishonesty
Citing Sources - Articles
Citing Sources - Books
Citing Sources - Elements necessary in any citation
Citing Sources - Web sites


Defining Your Topic or Problem (Module 1)


EBSCO Searching (Module 4)
Evaluate and Apply Your Information (Module 7)


Finding General Information (Module 2)


HELIN Consortium (Module 3)
HELIN Privileges (Module 3)
HELIN Searching (Module 3)
HELIN Searching by Author (Module 3)
HELIN Searching by Keyword (Module 3)
HELIN Searching by Subject (Module 3)
HELIN Searching by Title (Module 3)
HELIN Searching - Subject vs. Keyword Searching (Module 3)
How to Read Call Numbers (Module 3)


Look at the Bibliography


Other Resources (Module 5)


Popular Magazines (Module 4)


Research Log (Module 1)


Selecting an Index or Database (Module 4)
Scholarly Journals (Module 4)


Trade or Professional Journals (Module 4)


Web (Module 6)
Web Evaluation - Accuracy (Module 6)
Web Evaluation - Authority (Module 6)
Web Evaluation - Coverage (Module 6)
Web Evaluation - Currency (Module 6)
Web Evaluation - Objectivity (Module 6)
Web Searching (Module 6)
Writing Centers (Module 7)

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