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How to Install and Use the McKillop LibX Toolbar for Firefox

The McKillop LibX Toolbar is a browser add-on for Firefox (Windows & Mac) that keeps McKillop Library's resources closeby no matter where you are on the Web. With LibX installed, you can use features such as the toolbar search box, right-click menus, and a McKillop Library "cue" icon to find materials in one of the HELIN libraries (or even worldwide).

The "cue" icon looks like this: library icon

Installing the McKillop LibX Toolbar

1. Click here to install McKillop Library LibX Toolbar for Firefox (Need Firefox? Click here).
2. Click " Allow "
3. Click " Install "
4. Restart Firefox
5. The toolbar should now be visible just under the address bar. If the toolbar is not visible, you can show/hide the toolbar by using the F9 key while in Firefox.


Using the McKillop Libx Toolbar

Once installed, the McKillop LibX Toolbar search box will be added to the top of your browser.

On the left is a list of useful links (library home page, library hours, databases, etc):

quick links

To search for an item in the library's catalog, you can use the default Keyword option or choose Title, Author, Subject, ISBN/ISSN or Call Number from the drop-down menu.

For example, here's a keyword search for "global warming: "

keyword search

By clicking on the small arrow to the right of the search bar, you can also construct advanced searches. Here's a sample search for Author and Title:

advanced search

You can also search libraries Worldwide with Worldcat (by clicking on the arrow next to " Search Library Catalog " and then choosing " Search Libraries Worldwide "):




Special Features: Using the Right-Click and Magic Scholar Button Features

While on a Web page, you can highlight any text and then right-click to automatiaclly bring up a search menu:


You can also highlight and drag text to the Scholar button on the far right side of the toolbar to automatically perform a Google Scholar search:


And here's the result:


Using McKillop LibX Cues

McKillop LibX inserts a " cue " (denoted by this icon library icon) on some Web pages to help you quicly search the library catalog for that item. Here are some examples:

Find the cue on:



--Abe Books*:

abe books

--New York Times Book Review*:

ny times




Why do I sometimes get " No Matches Found " messages?

*If you use the cues from a site like Amazon.com or Abebooks, these cues use ISBN numbers to search for that particular edition of the book. Often, you will receive a " no matches " result when in fact the library often has that title, just not the same edition that the cue searched for.

If you receive a " no matches " result from using one of these cues, it is a good idea to highlight the title, right-click and search from the menu (or copy/paste the title into the search toolbar).

As an example, this is a result from using the library icon cue search from AbeBooks for Mrs. Dalloway:

no result

And here is a result from searching for the title using either the highlight/right-click method or searching by title in the LibX Toolbar:


Pretty cool, huh?
We think so, too. What are you waiting for? Download it now!

Problems, comments, or questions? Send them to Lori Barile.


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