Floor Plans & Maps

The first floor Learning Commons with main service points of Circulation and Research Services. In addition, to computer workstations (Mac and PCs) and technology for check-out, this floor contains the following:
    1st FL
  • Circulation and Information Desks
  • Consultation Space
  • Electronic Classroom 106
  • Munroe Special Collections 109
  • DVD Collection (feature films, TV series, documentaries, etc.)
  • Audio Book Collection
  • Record Collection
  • Browsing Book Collection
  • Print Newspapers, Journals and Magazines
  • Displays & Events
  • Bookends Café
  • 3 Print/Scan/Copy stations
  • Tables for group and individual study
  • Comfortable chairs

The second floor houses the Curriculum Resource Center (resources for Education Majors and children/young adult fiction), a self-checkout machine, the Makerspace and one study room:
The third floor is the designated silent floor and also houses the main collection books:
  • Main Collection A-Z
  • Total quiet to help you focus
  • Study Rooms 304, 306 and 317
  • Blumen Holocaust Collection
  • 6 desktop PCs and 4 Macs
  • 3rd FL
  • 1 Print/Scan/Copy station
  • Tables for individual study
  • University Archives Office & Reading Room (Rm 305)

The Garden Level of the library is home to the following offices and services:


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