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The Library Collection
Books in the Library Collection are published, copyrighted books that have been purchased by your library or consortium. These books are available to you to preview or checkout. The Library Collection operates on the principle of one book / one user. If your library/consortium owns one copy of a book, then one person at a time can use it; if your library/consortium owns two copies of a book, then two people at a time can use it, etc. Usage is governed by the incremental 15-minute preview period and the pre-established checkout period.
The Public Collection
Books in the Public Collection are public domain titles that are available to all netLibrary users free of charge. Because netLibrary provides unlimited access to these Public Collection titles, there is no need to govern usage via the 15-minute preview period or the pre-established checkout period. For this reason, Read icons, as opposed to Preview and Checkout icons, are used in conjunction with Public Collection titles. To access the full text of a Public Collection title, regardless of how many other users are already accessing it, click on its Read icon.

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Revised: August, 2002