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Find an Article

How do I find articles on my topic?
To search for articles on a certain topic, use one of the library databases that index a large variety of journals, magazines, and newspapers by subject. Many of these databases also include the full-text of articles. Each database covers a different collection of magazines and journals, so you need to select a database that is relevant to your topic. To find suggestions of which database is useful for a certain topic, use the databases by subject list. Or you could start your research with a general multi-disciplinary database, such as Academic Search Complete or Omnifile. Once you are in a database, search by keyword to locate articles on your topic.


How do I access articles from off-campus?
The first time you click on a restricted online resource such as a database or electronic journal on the library's website, you will be prompted for your name (in format of: firstname lastname) and your library barcode, the 14-digit number on your Salve ID card (not your student ID number). Your barcode is in the following format: 23759xxxxxxxxx. You will only need to enter this information once per session. Once you have been authenticated as a Salve patron, you may begin your search. If you do not know your library barcode or your library barcode is not working, please contact the Circulation Department at 401-341-2291. AOL users, please note: Please use the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser instead of the AOL browser to access library resources from off-campus. To do this, minimize your AOL browser window and open a second window with Internet Explorer.

What is a scholarly article and how do I find scholarly articles from academic journals?
Scholarly academic journals (such as Journal of Advanced Nursing or Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, for example) usually include longer articles, providing in-depth analysis of topics, and are written by professors or other experts in the field. The credentials and scholarly affiliations of the author(s) are usually listed. Scholarly journal articles are often divided into standard sections such as abstract, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, and bibliography (works cited). For scholarly journals, articles are peer-reviewed or critically examined and evaluated prior to publishing by a group of scholars or editors who are experts in their field. Popular magazines (such as Newsweek or Sports Illustrated, for example) are usually written by staff journalists, who write articles of varying format and structure in language meant for a general audience. Popular magazines will tend to incude advertising and color pictures rather than scholarly charts and graphs.

To find scholarly/peer-reviewed journals, try searching Academic Search Complete which is one of the library's general periodical databases with many full-text articles. This database provides a limiting function to find only peer-reviewed articles from scholarly journals. On the search page, check off the box labeled "Scholarly (Peer-reviewed) Journals". Another database that provides scholarly articles is JSTOR, which includes only academic journals. These databases and many others can be accessed from the Databases A-Z list.

scholarly articles

How do I retrieve full-text when all I have is an article's citation?
The journals list can be searched by journal title to find out whether a particular journal title is available at McKillop Library in print or online. If a journal is available online, this list will tell you which library database contains the full-text, and for which years we have the full-text available. Click on the database name (for example, Academic Search Complete) to browse all the available issues of that e-journal, or use the "look up article" link to search for the full-text of a certain article. See also the video tutorial on this topic. To locate a print journal, click on the link "Salve Regina University Library Print Holdings" to find the call number. Current journals are shelved by call number on the first floor, and older bound journals are shelved by call number in the Main collection on the second and third floors.

journals list

journals list

look up article

There doesn't seem to be any full text either online or in print for the article I need. What should I do now?
If an article is not available at McKillop Library, you can request it by interlibrary loan.

What is a citation?
A citation is the information which identifies a book or article. Information for a book usually includes the author, title, publisher, city of publication, and date. The citation for an article usually includes the author, title of the article, title of the journal, volume, issue, pages, and date.

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