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Smart Student Research Guide

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While this guide is designed to take you through the entire research process, each page stands alone as a separate guide. If you need to familiarize yourself with one or more particular aspects of research, such as citation styles or evaluating resources, you can use the navigation menu to go directly to that particular page.

Why should you use this guide?

  • Get it right the first time! Learn the research process; it will save you time and reduce your stress level!

  • Answer the question "where do I begin?"

  • Manage your time by creating a personal assignment calendar.

  • Know that you're not in this alone. Help is available, find out where.

  • Use this guide again to tackle other papers you will be assigned.

  • Continue to develop skills needed to research and write at the college level and make your life easier!

Students who complete this tutorial will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to recognize and formulate an information need.

  • Demonstrate the ability to efficiently access and utilize various information resources.

  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze information for accuracy, authority and bias.

  • Demonstrate the ability to extract, manage and synthesize information into a personal expression of ideas and values.

  • Demonstrate an understanding that there are legal and ethical issues where the intellectual property of others is concerned.


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