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Smart Student Research Guide

Step 11: Are You Smarter Than Mickey?

1. Select the best way to start your research:

 a) Look for books in the HELIN online catalog
 b) Choose and investigate a topic, then plan a search strategy
 c) Find scholarly journal articles
 d) Read recent newspaper articles

2. Select the best way to find an overview and basic facts on your topic:

 a) Use a relevant reference book such as an encyclopedia or dictionary
 b) Browse through recent local newspaper issues
 c) Do a Google search on your topic
 d) Find a book of case studies on your topic

3. The HELIN online catalog contains on books and other resources that are available from:

 a) Salve's McKillop Library and other selected academic libraries in Rhode Island
 b) Rhode Island's public libraries
 c) Redwood Library, Providence Athenaeum, and Rhode Island School of Design Library
 d) The Library of Congress

4. A research database such as Academic Search Complete includes what type of information?

 a) Feature films
 b) Journal articles
 c) Novels
 d) Textbooks

5. Which of these is TRUE about scholarly publications?

 a) They always contain the word "Journal" in the title
 b) Articles are evaluated or peer-reviewed by experts in the subject field
 c) They contain articles written primarily for the general public
 d) Articles cover with current events, hot topics and social or political commentary

6. Which keywords from the quoted statement below are best for searching in an article database?

"Describe the effects of ozone layer depletion on the environment, particularly on crops."

 a) effects, environment
 b) environment, ozone layer
 c) depletion, crops
 d) ozone layer, crops

7. Searching Google Advanced Search for .org sites using your topic keywords will find:

 a) Large global businesses related to your topic, like EXXON
 b) Large and small non-profit agencies/organizations
 c) Government websites
 d) An organizational chart of related businesses

8. When searching the Internet, which of the following is TRUE:

 a) Using more than one search engine (Google and Yahoo for example) will result in finding all the material needed for your paper
 b) If the website looks professional, it will be credible
 c) Websites should be evaluated for currency, reliability, accuracy, authority and purpose
 d) Blogs are excellent sources of information for your paper

9. Which of the following statements is FALSE?

 a) As you do your research, keep track of all the sources you are quoting or paraphrasing in your paper
 b) In your research paper, include parenthetical notes to indicate when you are taking information from another source
 c) To avoid plagiarism, all sources used in your paper need to be cited
 d) Applying MLA or APA style only refers to the list of the sources you cite at the end of your paper

10. How can you get additional help?

 a) Call, text, chat/IM or visit the Information desk on the first floor of the library
 b) Visit the Writing Center in McAuley 101
 c) Return to this tutorial to review the steps
 d) All of the above

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