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Access from Off-campus

Certain online resources (e.g., reference databases, electronic journals) are available only to the students, faculty and staff of HELIN institutions. Since many of the resources provide their material as PDF format files, You will need to download the free version of Adobe Reader.

Access to online resources with the following labels and from remote, off-campus locations can be done as follows:

When prompted, simply enter your name and Library barcode for access.
You can connect to the Internet using any Internet Service Provider, such as AOL, Cox, AT&T, Verizon, Earthlink, etc. The first time you click on a restricted online resource on the University Library's Web site or from within the HELIN library catalog, you will be prompted for your name and your library barcode, a 14-digit number. Your barcode is in the following format: 23759xxxxxxxxx. If you have a Salve Card, your library barcode is on the front of the card. You will only need to enter this information once per session. Once you have been authenticated as a Salve patron, you may begin your search.

Salve Card image

Please note:
It is best to use MS Internet Explorer (latest release) instead of the browser provided by your service provider. To do this, just minimize your service provider browser and use MS Internet Explorer provided by your computer.

Questions regarding database access from off-campus will be gladly answered by Olga Verbeek -- verbeeko@salve.edu or by calling 401-341-2281.