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April 2007

by Kathy Boyd

Kathy Boyd, Director of Library ServicesThe library has traditionally been seen as the domain of the book. For centuries, librarians have collected, preserved, organized, and made knowledge accessible primarily in print formats. However, information has increasingly become available in multimedia and digital formats, and, with the advent of the web, there has been an unprecedented information explosion that cannot be contained within the walls of any library. It is now possible to conduct high quality research from locations outside of the physical library building and gain access to a wealth of information resources.

Recent studies have found that today's millennial students conduct most of their research using the internet, and that many are not even aware of the rich resources available to them in multi-formats in their libraries. Students are now required not only to locate relevant information for their coursework, but also to evaluate, synthesize, and present the results of their learning using new media.

Changes brought about by technology and its effects on teaching and learning demand a transformation of the role of the traditional academic library. Changes in the configuration of space based on active learning principles and new pedagogical methods are required. The university Committee on Library Space Utilization will be recommending a plan by this summer that will outline some renovations to library spaces that will facilitate new teaching and learning styles. The library is excited to participate in this effort to partner with other academic areas on campus to create a true Learning Commons.

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by Maria Bernier

The Salve Regina University Archives is one of 17 organizations to receive a grant in March from the Rhode Island Historical Records Advisory Board. The grant funding will support an intern to help re-house, arrange, and describe almost 1300 photographs that document historic structures and landscapes owned by the University. This project will help to ensure the preservation of these frequently used images while providing improved access to them.

In addition, this group of property images will act as a test case for the creation of a management manual for the entire photographic collection. The manual will address topics such as the procedure for accessioning new donations, the storage of various photographic formats, the procedure for access by patrons, the procedure for obtaining copies of images, the removal and transfer of photos embedded in manuscript files, and how to index the collection.

The RI Historical Records Advisory Board is a statewide body whose mission is to serve the people of the state by advocating, developing and supporting programs that defend and provide access to Rhode Island's documentary heritage. The awards announced by RIHRAB in March form the second disbursement of funds under a grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, the grant-funding arm of the National Archives.

There is a surprisingly broad range of information preserved in the University Archives. This valuable resource is open to all researchers Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 4:00. Please call (401-341-2276) or e-mail ( in advance to make an appointment.


by Joan Bartram

Joan Bartram, Collection Development CoordinatorLink to Better World BooksThe Salve Regina University Library has recently entered into a partnership with Better World Books to recycle materials that are not appropriate for the McKillop Library. Better World Books is a socially responsible corporation whose mission is to redirect surplus books and library materials to new users and markets. They are active on over nine hundred campuses with programs for libraries and student textbooks.

The Better World Books Program has two components- a partnership with social agencies and a sales program. They have provided over 450,000 recycled books to Books for Africa and the National Center for Family Literacy. In addition to redirecting books to the agencies, they have a sales program that is part of the second-hand book market.

When a library partners with Better World Books, they select an agency to receive their materials - the SRU library selected Books for Africa as our literacy partner. From time to time the library may receive a dividend that will be placed in the Library Endowment Fund to aid in future purchases.

For many years the library sought the appropriate agency for surplus materials and we feel that we have finally found them. On a final note-not all materials are acceptable to BWB just as they are not acceptable for use here in the library (books that have been wet or are heavily underlined for example), and we now have a stepped up recycling program for such materials that was developed using guidelines provided by the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation.


by Elsa Rowe

When the McKillop Library first started its Feature Film collection, one of the first words that came up was "Criterion." The Criterion Collection is a series of movies across genres, languages, and countries that are deemed "important classic and contemporary films." It began as a way to share and preserve important pieces of world cinema in the highest technical quality possible, while also including filmmaker and scholarly commentaries, restored director's cuts, documentaries and other special features. An important film does not mean boring, however; the scope of the Criterion Collection spans from classic Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini, Jean-Luc Godard, Alfred Hitchcock, Akira Kurosawa and Stanley Kubrick films all the way to The Blob, Armageddon, and Robocop.

The McKillop Library has recently acquired additional titles from the Criterion Collection list, completing our collection of currently available films from this series. We are adding new releases every month as well. For a complete list of Criterion Collection films, check out their website at and then check McKillop library catalog for availability. Go directly to library's homepage at http:/, and enter the keywords: Criterion Collection in the Catalog Quick Search search box.

Browse McKillop Library's Criterion Collection



by John Lewis

John Lewis, Electronic Resource LibrarianWestlaw Campus Research

The McKillop Library recently added the Thomson West Campus Research database to its roster of electronic resources. Campus Research is a research service for news, business and law related information. It includes full-text information and access to both current and archived materials. Campus Research includes thousands of news sources arranged geographically and topically, with hundreds of newswires as well as business, trade and professional journals and publications. It is especially useful for law-related resources, including both primary law and secondary legal analysis. Legal material that is available exclusively in Campus Research includes Black's Law Dictionary, the premier legal dictionary, and American Law Reports, the most heavily cited legal encyclopedia. This database is accessible under the New Databases link of the McKillop Library home page at


Blackwell Synergy

Blackwell Synergy is the online journals service from Blackwell Publishing. It holds the full-text of articles from over 850 journals, the majority of which are published by Blackwell on behalf of international scholarly and professional societies. The subjects covered range across Medicine, Science, Social Science and the Humanities. This collection of scholarly journals contains nearly one million articles to discover!

Journal of Law and Society While most of the articles (over 50%) in Blackwell Synergy are from medicine, health sciences, life and physical sciences; the database is a genuinely multidisciplinary collection. There are over 50,000 articles from the field of business, management, economics and finance, as well as over 140,000 from the social and behavioral sciences. There are also over 30,000 articles from the humanities, and a smattering of articles covering the arts.

This database is accessible under the New Databases link of the McKillop Library home page at


By Allen Antone

MSD Quintet plays in McKillop LibraryTo celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month, the McKillop Library engaged a jazz ensemble, the MSD Quintet, mounted displays of jazz books, videos and record albums, and converted the first floor of the library into a jazz café for an afternoon performance. About 40 faculty, staff, students and people from the Newport community came to the library on April 12th, a cold rainy day, to hear the live sounds of classic and original fusion jazz music. Three of the MSD Quintet musicians teach at Salve: Peter Davis (guitar) is chair of the Department of Music, and Michael Johnson (keyboards) and Doug Wolverton (trumpet) are adjunct faculty in that department. D.J. Cordeiro (drums) is from Portsmouth and Jon Lavieri (saxophone) lives in Providence.

The purpose of the Library's programs is to bring attention to the scholarly and creative works of Salve faculty as well as to highlight the Library's resources. The library's first programs honored recent books published by Salve faculty. Last fall the library expanded its writers' programs to included artists' programs. Our past events are listed below. If you are interested in being a presenter or have a program suggestion, please contact Kathy Boyd, Director of McKillop Library at

Links to Past Events in the Library
February 2007Africa: Three Perspectives
Sister M. Therese Antone, Dr. Kathleen Nickerson, and
Leila de Bruyne '07
November, 2006Image and Memory: Photographs of Italy
Barbara Shamblin
October, 2006The Fight for Legitimacy: Democracy vs. Terrorosm
Dr. Peter H. Liotta and Colonel Cindy R. Jebb, Ph.D.
September, 2006Making the News: Modernity and the Mass Press in 19th Century France
Dr. Dean de la Motte
April, 2006Detention Castles of Steel and Stone
Dr. James Garman
March, 2006The Birth of Satan
Dr. Tina Wray
February, 2006Poeticized Culture: The Role of Irony in Rawls's Liberalism
Dr. James Hersh
October, 2005Newport Through Its Architecture: A History Of Styles From Postmedieval To Postmodern
Dr. James Yarnall

Collage of Events in the Library

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