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October 2006

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Environmental Perspectives

Al Gores book and recent film, An Inconvenient Truth shines a spotlight on the continuing degradation of the global environment. The library has books and films about the environmental problems, such as global warming, overdevelopment, and deforestation; it also has books and films about solutions to environmental degradation, such as sustainable development, population control, and international agreements to improve the environment. The library will display some of these books and films in the library foyer in September. Feel free to come to the library and borrow any of these titles.

The image shown here is an ecosphere. Click on the image to learn more.

An Inconvenient Truth

Infinite Nature

Big Coal

The Sustainable Company

Want to know how you can help?
There are many things that each of us can do to make a difference. Please see the internet links below to learn more and get some ideas on how you can help protect the environment.

  • Environmental Perspectives from the Carnegie Council
    "The Carnegie Council has been focusing on environmental issues for over a decade, as part of its work on human rights and global social justice. We provide a forum to develop environmental solutions that meet the demands of human rights protection, justice, development, and sustainability."
  • Going, Going, Green
    An article from the Washington Post on how you can make small differences to help the environment from Hypermiling to a Sustainable Nightclub.

  • The Environmental Protection Agency's Global Warming Site
    Find information on emissions, impacts and actions being taken.

  • Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
    Information on how Rhode Island deals with the environment.

  • Eartheasy
    A site with information on sustainable living. "Eartheasy strives to: help us reduce our impact on the earth's resources, bring more simplicity to our lives, help us spend less and enjoy more, and bring us closer to nature."

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