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In Memoriam: Senator Claiborne Pell (1918-2009)

Senator Pell had a decades-long relationship with Salve Regina University, as shown in an exhibit of papers, photos, ephemera, and books from the University Archives and Special Collections. One half of the exhibit contains photos and other items that document Senator Pell's career and contributions to the university. The other half describes the establishment of the Pell Center in 1996 and shows the diversity of its programs, with a special focus on the 2005 visit by the Dalai Lama. The exhibit is located in the glass cases near the stairs on the second floor.

Excerpts from Senator Pell's commencement remarks, May 25, 1975:

"There are troubling signs that our unprecedented growth in population, production and consumption may not be and should not be sustainable into the indefinite future.
There are troubling signs that continued growth of economic activity, at current rates, could eventually place a damaging burden on the environment of the world.
There are troubling signs that the world just does not have the resources, the minerals and the fuels, to sustain continued and unlimited growth in consumption, or the food-producing capacity to support unlimited population growth..."

"...I believe we must all re-examine some of the assumptions on which we have based so many of our decisions as individuals and our policies as a nation.
For example, I believe we have assumed for too long in this country that the key to a better life is quantity. We have tended to measure the success of our lives and the progress of our country in terms of tons of things produced and tons of things consumed...
We are beginning to learn, however, that increasing quantities do not always mean increasing happiness.
We are beginning to learn that more is not always better..."
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Sen. Claiborne Pell
Sen. Claiborne Pell

Sen. Claiborne Pell with Sr. Therese Antone and Pres. Bill Clinton
Sen. Claiborne Pell with Sr. Therese Antone and Pres. Bill Clinton

Sen. Claiborne Pell with Sr. Lucille McKillop
Sen. Claiborne Pell with Sr. Lucille McKillop