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The Kennedys, Special Olympics, and Salve Regina

A new exhibit on the second floor of the library explores the relationships between the Kennedy family, the Maternal and Child Health and Mental Retardation Planning Act, and the Special Olympics. The centerpiece of the exhibit is the pen that President John F. Kennedy used to sign the act, which was donated to the library by former faculty member Mary Connolly.

President Kennedy authorized the MCH/MRP Act in October 1963 partly at the urging of his sister Eunice and in acknowledgement of their sister Rosemary, who lived with disabilities. Only a few years afterward, Eunice's backyard summer camp for children with intellectual disabilities blossomed into the national Special Olympics organization. Salve Regina has supported the Special Olympics since 1981, when student Raye Denkiewicz initiated a new East Bay chapter. The local Newport games are held in April to prepare athletes for statewide competitions at URI in June.

This exhibit was created by History major Elizabeth Giambusso'09 as part of her senior internship in the University Archives.

Rosemary Kennedy 1940 Special Olympics at Salve

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