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Dr. Tina Wray

Thursday, March 23, 2006 at 4:00 pm

Dr. Tina Wray of the Religious Studies Department will speak on her newest book "The Birth of Satan: Tracing the Devil's Biblical Roots."

Reception and Book Signing to follow lecture.


The Birth of Satan

The Birth of Satan: Tracing the Devil's Biblical Roots by T.J. Wray and Gregory Mobley

"A groundbreaking search for the origins of the prince of darkness . . . how accurate are the popular images of Satan? To discover how a low-level angelic figure in the Old Testament, and even in the New Testament, he bears little resemblance to the horned-devil of our nightmares. So how-and why-did this minor biblical character morph into the embodiment of evil? In the book, T.J. Wray and Gregory Mobley guide readers on the journey to retrace Satanís biblical roots, shedding light on the Devilís slow and steady metamorphosis through the pages of holy writ, stopping along the way to explore the influences of other religious cultures and extra biblical writings that helped Satan assume his final form. " (from the dust jacket)

Dr. Tina (T.J.) Wray, is an assistant professor of religious studies at Salve Regina. Dr. Wray's particular interest is in the history and religion of pre-exilic Israel. She is the author of "The Birth of Satan: Tracing the Devil's Biblical Roots" and two books on grief: "Surviving the Death of a Sibling: Living Through Grief When an Adult Brother or Sister Dies" and "Grief Dreams: How They Help Heal Us After The Death of a Loved One."

In 2005, Dr. Wray received a Presidential Faculty Award.

B.S., University of Maryland
M.A., Providence College
D.Min, Andover-Newton Theological School

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