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Saul Bellow
Saul Bellow

Biography of Saul Bellow

Novelist, was born on June 10, 1915. He died on April 5, 2005, aged 89.
Listed below are just a few of the books available at the McKillop Library authored by Saul Bellow.


Moses Herzog has not led a conventionally heroic life by any measure-- he has failed as a father, a writer, and a husband. Yet he finds triumph in the act of survival, and his observations of the world and the characters who inhabit it achieve a clarity of vision that transcends his suffering.
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Seize the Day

Tommy Wilhelm in Seize the Day is both inspired and burdened by the American myth of success. At the age of twenty, he changes his name from Wilky Adler to Tommy Wilhelm, a name signifying the person he dreams of becoming...
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The Actual

Harry Trellman, the novella's narrator and protagonist, is in his 60's, a product of one of those lower-middle-class Jewish neighborhoods of Chicago that are Bellow's heartland, and a very odd duck indeed. His father was a carpenter, his mother an oddly elegant hypochondriac whose sojourns in American and European spas were financed by her brothers, who were rich sausage manufacturers. Although both parents were perfectly alive at the time, they put Harry in an orphanage -- for convenience. This circumstance, together with his appearance -- a face sufficiently Asiatic to let him pass in China for a native -- has reinforced his sense of having ''a masked character'' and made him a nihilist.
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Humbolt's Gift

Humboldt's Gift is Saul Bellow's brilliant, fictionalized account of his relationship with poet Delmore Schwartz ("Von Humboldt Fleisher" in the story). Schwartz achieved literary celebrity at a tender age but was ruined by alcoholism and bipolar disorder. The novel describes the increasingly difficult relationship between Bellow ("Charlie Citrine") and the tragic Scwhartz, until the latter's premature death, while living in obscurity.
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