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October 2005

Harold Pinter
Harold Pinter

Playwright, Winner of 2005 Nobel Price in Literature
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Biography of Harold Pinter
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Listed below are just a few of the plays available at the McKillop Library authored by Harold Pinter.
Cambridge Companion ...

Harold Pinter has written for the theater, radio, television and screen, and is regarded as a highly successful director and actor. This volume examines the range of Pinter's work--including his recent play Celebration--its reception worldwide, and issues of performance.

The Birthday Party...

The Birthday Party is a very good play about a young man and his inevitable and perhaps unavoidable fate. The plot is quite simple, yet it is also elegant in its simplicity. Without saying too much, the story is about a young man who has been living for some time in a beach-sited boarding house owned by a mid-aged couple. ...

The Homecoming

Deals with an all-bachelor family in North London disrupted by the return of the eldest son and his wife from America

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