The Curriculum Resource Center and the Department of Education Team Up

Teaching in CRC The Department of Education has joined forces with Susan Small, the curriculum resources librarian, to increase the usage and coordination of services available for students. Susan met three times with the entire faculty of the Department of Education to determine the best way to integrate information literacy into the curriculum. As a result of this coordinated effort, an integrated approach to information literacy has been succeeding: twenty-one education classes visited the Janet L. Robinson Curriculum Resource Center during the fall semester. To accompany the instruction that students received, there are ten library resource guides that have been developed for the department and individual courses in education. This on-going collaboration will help students achieve the information literacy skills they need as future educators.

McKillop Maneuver as a FYT Activity

This year the library piloted a new orientation for freshmen students, the McKillop Maneuver. The students were asked to navigate the building by following a series of videos on Instagram. The intent of the orientation was to give all freshmen students an introduction to services available within the building, including ACE, User Support Services, the Helpdesk, and of course, the library. We had all but one of the FYT classes visit McKillop Library and received 490 survey results.

We were really pleased with the mostly positive feedback we received from students. Here are some examples:

  • Well if I couldn't navigate the library before, I can now.
  • This was very helpful. It helped me learn about different parts of the library that I did not know about before.
  • Was a cool experience. Learned a lot.
  • Thank you for this helpful activity!
  • I love the library and think it is one of the best resources on campus.
  • This activity was a great way for us to get better acquainted with our school library.
  • I have gone to the library every day since school started. This is a wonderful library!

Overall we believe McKillop Maneuver was successful at introducing students to the range of services available to them in the library building and we hope to continue to work with the First Year Transitions program to include the McKillop Maneuver.

View Video:

A New View of Information Literacy

Fall2015 Instruction A survey conducted recently by Project Information Literacy [View PDF] found that employers rank the ability to find, evaluate and use information as a highly valuable skill for recent college graduates. Through a range of instructional services, McKillop Library supports and promotes the development of information literacy skills. In collaboration with faculty, librarians taught 70 information literacy classes during the 2015 fall semester, reaching 1,216 students. Information literacy and research instruction for all classes can be requested online.

Recently the Association for College and Research Libraries (ACRL) presented a new document defining and describing an updated model for teaching information literacy. ACRL now defines information literacy as "the set of integrated abilities encompassing the reflective discovery of information, the understanding of how information is produced and valued, the use of information in creating new knowledge, and participating ethically in communities of learning.

ACRL’s new Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education also presents six main threshold concepts. In future semesters, librarians will work collaboratively with faculty and students to incorporate these concepts into our information literacy instruction program, and we welcome your input.

Libraries Transform

Today libraries have changed a lot from how they used to look and function. However one thing remains the same, libraries are here to support education, employment, entrepreneurship, empowerment and engagement within their communities.

Because librarians are committed to fostering a more knowledgeable and digitally inclusive world.

Find our displays in O’Hare and Antone and tell us your because...

Libraries Transform

University Archives & Special Collections Digital Initiatives

Goelet Digital Digital Initiatives The Goelet Family Papers, primary source papers related to the construction of Ochre Court, have been digitized with the help of Salve Regina University and University of Rhode Island students.

You can also view every edition of Regina Maris, the former yearbook, from 1951 - 2003.

Beginning last semester, the University Archives began working with students in history classes to write abstracts for each article in Newport History, which is still in the process of being digitized.

All these digital collections and more can be viewed in the university repository, Digital Commons @ Salve Regina.

If your office or group is interested in transferring records to the University Archives or developing a retention schedule for physical or digital records, please contact Genna Duplisea, archivist & special collections librarian, at

You can follow the activities and projects in the University Archives on Twitter and Facebook at @SalveArchives.

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