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General Quotations
  • Bartleby.com -Great books online
    The preeminent internet publisher of literature, reference and verse providing students, teachers and the intellectually curious with unlimited access to books and information on the web, free of charge.

  • Bloomsbury Biographical Dictionary of Quotations 
    The Bloomsbury Biographical Dictionary of Quotations departs from established tradition in that it includes both familiar quotations and perceptive or witty sayings that are less well known. It includes, especially, sought quotations that reflect contemporary issues as well as those from literature and the Bible.

  • Bloomsbury Thematic Dictionary of Quotations 
    The Bloomsbury Thematic Dictionary of Quotations is ideal for seeking an apt quotation on a particular theme. For example, under the entry politicians a wide variety of quotations appear, from Shakespeare, through Curzon and Churchill, to references to John Major and Paddy Ashdown.

  • Collins Concise Dictionary of Quotations 
    A revised and updated edition of the popular Collins Concise Dictionary of Quotations, with many new thematic quotations from the HarperCollins database.

  • The Quotations Page
    Search through over 23,000 quotations online from 2,600 authors, with more added daily.

  • Rawson's Dictionary of American Quotations  
    From Henry David Thoreau to Mark Twain via Benjamin Franklin, Rawson's Dictionary of American Quotations covers the whole gamut of American life, culture and politics. By turns humourous and serious, its range includes Ralph Waldo Emerson and Joseph Kesserling on 'Sanity', Albert Einstein on 'Mystery' and Woodrow Wilson on 'Poverty'.

  • Respectfully Quoted 
    The Congressional Research Service has been responding to Congressional inquiries about quotations for eighty-five years, and during this time they have searched out many of the most popular statements many times over. But they have tracked down many others that had never been identified before but which had a pith and point equal to the more traditional thoughts. The 2100 statements included in this book are the best of the latter.

  • Simpson's Contemporary Quotations  
    About 10,000 outstanding quotable comments uttered since 1950, with special emphasis on the last two dozen years, can be found only in Simpson's Contemporary Quotations. Bons mots, witticisms, epigrams and profundities from nearly 4,000 people - famous and infamous, renowned and obscure - fill a unique compilation.
Biblical Quotations