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rehabilitation counseling people with disabilities

vocational rehabilitation


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Academic Search Complete (EBSCOhost)
Provides full text for more than 5,000 scholarly publications covering a variety of academic areas of study.

AltHealth Watch (EBSCOhost)
Alt HealthWatch is a full-text and image database comprised of publications focused on the area of complementary and alternative approaches to health including holistic counseling and rehabilitation counseling.

CINAHL with Full-Text (EBSCOhost)
Provides full-text of more than 520 journals and includes coverage of over 1200 professional journals in nursing, 17 allied health disciplines, and health sciences librarianship.

JSTOR is an archive of complete full-text backfilesand covers most academic disciplines. This collection is growing and currently has more then 500 titles.
May restrict search to various disciplines related to rehabilitation counseling: Health Policy, Health Sciences, Psychology, and Sociology

PsycArticles (EBSCOhost)
Contains more than 25,000 full-text articles from 42 journals published by American Psychological Association and allied organizations. Coverage includes general psychology and specialized basic, applied, clinical, and theoretical research in psychology.

Sage Journals Online (Sage Publishing)
Provides online access to the full-text of more than 460 journals in business, humanities, social sciences, science, technology, and medicine.

Social Science Full-Text (Wilson Web)
This database covers both the applied and theoretical aspects of the social sciences. Subject areas covered include anthropology, ethics, family & gender studies, psychiatry, psychology, social work, sociology and urban studies. Includes full text from over 200 publications and abstracting/indexing of over 600 publications as far back as 1983.

Wilson OmniFile FullText Mega (Wilson Web)
Provides access to the full-text of over 2,000 publications and abstracting and indexing of another 3,800 periodicals.
Should restrict search in Subject Area to: Social Science

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American Rehabilitation

Disability & Society

Disability World

Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities

Exceptional Parent

International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Journal of Counseling Psychology

Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services

Journal of Rehabilitation

Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine

Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Journal

Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin

Rehabilitation Psychology

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More than 35,000 full-text books and other documents from over 180 of the world's leading academic, trade and professional publishers.
Hint: To change the interface language, select your language from the drop-down menu on the upper right corner of the ebrary screen. Please note that selecting a different language effects the interface of ebrary only; it will not change the language of ebooks.

Alternative Medicine and Rehabilitation (2003)

Brain injury and returning to employment : a guide for practitioners (2005)

Children and Disasters : a practical guide to healing and recovery (2002)

Counseling Adults in Transition : linking practice with theory (3rd ed.)

The Counsellor's Workbook : developing a personal approach (2004)

Disability Harassment (2007)

Doing Your Research Project : a guide for first-time researchers in education, health and social science (4th ed.)

An Introduction to Counselling (3rd ed.)

Learning the Language of Addiction Counseling (2nd ed.)

Pain Management in Rehabilitation (2002)

Rehabilitation Counseling in Physical and Mental Health (2002)

Speaking Up! : a plain text guide to advocacy (Series, Books 1-4) (2007)

Surgically Shaping Children : technology, ethics, and the pursuit of normality (2006)

This Ability : an international legal analysis of disability discrimination (2007)

Working Life for People with Severe Mental Illness (2003)

Approximately 8,000 full-text online books covering all subject areas and includes books from the public domain.
Hint: To change the interface language, select your language from the choices on the bottom of any Netlibrary page. Please note that selecting a different language effects the interface of Netlibrary only; it will not change the language of ebooks.

Adults With Disabilities: international perspectives in the community (1999)

Autism, Discrimination and the Law : a quick guide for parents, educators and employers (2008)

Behavior, Health, and Aging (2000)

The Brain Disorders Sourcebook (1999)

The Chronic Pain Management Sourcebook (1999)

Clinician's Guide to Neuropsychological Assessment (2nd ed.)

Cognitive Rehabilitation : an integrative neuropsychological approach (2001)

Counseling Theories and Techniques for Rehabilitation Health Professionals (2004)

Enhancing Diversity: educators with disabilities (1998)

Enjoying Sport and Exercise (2008)

Facilitating Posttraumatic Growth : a clinician's guide (1999)

Handbook of Rehabilitation Counseling (2004)

Independent Futures : creating user-led disability services in a disabling society (2006)

Intellectual Disability : social approaches (2007)

Life Care Planning and Case Management Handbook (2004)

Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness and Disability (3rd ed.)

Normal Family Processes : growing diversity and complexity (3rd ed.)

Parental Learning Disability and Children's Needs : family experiences and effective practice (2007)

Policy, Experience and Change : cross-cultural reflections on inclusive education (2007)

The Psychological & Social Impact of Illness and Disability (5th ed.)

This Abled Body : rethinking disabilities in biblical studies (2007)

Testing and Assessment in Counseling Practice (2nd ed.)

Google Books
This is open-access with many full-text books. For further help and information, see What is Google Book Search?

Handbook of Severe Disability: a text for rehabilitation counselors, Other Vocational Practioners and Allied Health Professionals (2000)

Learning Disabilities (1993)

Psychiatric Disabilities, Employment & the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) (1994)

Relationship Between Mental Health and Substance Abuse Among Adolescents (1999)

Sickness, Disability and Work : Breaking the Barriers (2007)

Students With Disabilities, Learning Difficulties And Disadvantages (2005)

Substance Abuse, Disability, and Vocational Rehabilitation (2000)

Substance Use Disorder Treatment for People with Physical and Cognitive Disabilities (2000)

Credo Reference
Contains all types of reference books: dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri, and books of quotations, as well as subject-specific titles including the arts, literature, psychology, and sociology.
(Note: Please be patient; e-books may take a few minutes to load)

Biographical Dictionary of Psychology (Routledge)

Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology (Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development (Cambridge University Press)

The Concise Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science (Wiley)

Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology (Elsevier)

Elsevier's Dictionary of Psychological Theories (Elsevier)

Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences (Elsevier)

The Penguin Dictionary of Sociology (Penguin)

Reader's Guide to the Social Sciences (Routledge)

Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (F.A. Davis Company)

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American Association of State Counseling Boards (AASCB)

American Counseling Association (ACA)

American Rehabilitation Counseling Association (ARCA)

Americans with Disabilities Act Homepage (ADA)

Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information & Exchange (CIRRIE)

Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC)

Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE)

Directory of Information Resources Online (DIRLINE)

Disability Issues Newsletter

Disability Rag's Ragged Edge Magazine Online

Disability Rights and Independent Living Movement Website

Disability World (Webzine)

Job Accommodation Network (JAN)

National Rehabilitation Association (NRA)

National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC)

Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS)

Rhode Island Office of Rehabilitative Services

Word Wide Web Resources for Rehabilitation Counselors

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Some useful subject headings include:
Some selected print books located in the McKillop library. Also see the Rehabilitation Counseling Subject Guide for a list of Reference books.

Best Practices in Psychosocial Rehabilitation (2000)
RC439.5 .B485

Career Counseling for People with Disabilities (1997)
HV1568.5 .W65

Case Management and Rehabilitation Counseling : procedures and techniques (3rd ed.)
HD7255.5 .R63

Counseling Persons with Communication Disorders and Their Families (4th ed.)
RC428.8 .L87

Counseling the Culturally Diverse : theory and practice (2003)
BF637.C6 S85

Counseling Theories and Techniques for Rehabilitation Health Professionals (2004)
HV1568 .C65

CRC Exam Guide to Success (2004)
HD7255.5 .W43

Disability in Twentieth-Century German Culture (2007)
HV1559.G3 P66

Emerging Issues in Rehabilitation Counseling : perspectives on the new millennium (2001)
HD7255.5 .R86

Employee Assistance Programs : wellness/enhancement programming (2003)
HF5549.5.E42 E47

Ethics in rehabilitation : a guide for rehabilitation professionals (1994)
HD7255.5 .B52

Families Living with Chronic Illness and Disability : interventions, challenges, and opportunities (2004)
RC108 .P69

Foundations of the Vocational Rehabilitation Process (5th ed)
HD7255.5 .R823

Groups : Process and Practice (1991)
RC488 .C5935

A Guide to Vocational Assessment (3rd ed)
HD7255 .P68

Handbook of Measurement and Evaluation in Rehabilitation (3rd ed.)
HD7255.5 .H35

Handbook of Rehabilitation Counseling (2004)
HD7255.5 .H36

Independent Futures : creating user-led disability services in a disabling society (2006)
HV1559.G6 B38

Issues and Ethics In the Helping Professions (1993)
RC455.2.E8 C66

Learning Disabilities and Employment (1997)
HD7256 .U5 L43

Leave No Nurse Behind : nurses working with disAbilities (2006)
RT34 .M345

Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness and Disability (2nd ed.)
RC108 .F35

Medical, Psychosocial, and Vocational Aspects of Disability (2002)
RD797 .M43

Multicultural Aspects of Disabilities : a guide to understanding and assisting minorities in the rehabilitation process (1999)
HV1569.3.M55 B79

A Pocket Style Manual (1993)
PE1408 .H26

Principles and Practices of Disability Management In Industry (1995)
HD7256.U6 P74

Psychology of Disability (2nd ed.)
HV3011 .V37

Psychosocial Adaptation to Chronic Illness and Disability (1997)
RC108 .L59

Psychosocial Aspects of Disability (2nd ed.)
RD798 .H46

Rehabilitation counseling : basics and beyond (1998)
HV1553 .R445

Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy (2005)
BF637.C6 C574

Vocational Assessment : evaluating employment potential (2001)
HD7255 .V582

Work and Disability : issues and strategies in career development and job placement (2003)
HD7256.U5 W67

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Short YouTube video overview of career as a rehabilitation counselor. Produced by the U.S. Dept. of Labor / N.J. Dept. of Labor


Also search for videos on reserve by Professor or Course

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After locating a video you would like, simply use the interlibrary loan request form for books. Be sure to indicate that you are an eSalve student and you would like the video shipped to your home. You may indicate this in the box marked "Maximum amount you are willing to pay for this item". For more information, see eSalve Interlibrary Loan & Book Delivery.

Addiction : a 14-part series
Salve Videos RC564 .A33 2007 DVD (4 video discs)

Adlerian Therapy
Salve Videos RC480.5 .A354 2005 DVD

Carl Rogers and the Person-Centered Approach
RC481 .K578 2003 DVD

Chronic Pain
Salve Videos RB127 .C576 2004 DVD

Client-Centered Therapy
Salve Videos RC481 .C55 1994 DVD

Feminist Therapy Salve Videos RC466 .F44 1994 DVD

Fetal Alcohol Exposure
Salve Videos RG629 .F45 F48 2006 DVD

Finding Optimism in a Family with Chronic Illness
Salve Videos RC488.5 .K39 1998 DVD

Gestalt Therapy
Salve Videos RC489 .G4 G47 2004 DVD

Pain Management
Salve Videos RB127 .P342 2000 DVD

Rational Emotive Therapy
Salve Videos RC489 .R3 R38 2000 DVD (+ booklet)

Rollo May on Existential Psychology
Salve Videos BF204.5 .R65 2001 DVD

Somatic-Emotional Therapy
Salve Videos RC489 .B5 S65 2007 DVD

The Union of Humanity
Salve Videos RC465.5 .P6 2005 DVD


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