Interlibrary loan (ILL) service is available to Salve Regina students, faculty and staff to obtain books and articles that are not available directly through McKillop Library’s physical and electronic holdings.

You may use the catalog search box below to locate the item you wish to request. In the "Detailed View" of the item, click the "Request thru Interlibrary Loan" button whichmay prompt you to sign-in using your Salve username and (email) password. Verify that the information in the pre-populated form is correct and click the “Submit” button.

Interlibrary Loan FAQs for Salve Borowers
How do I request a book?
  1. Before requesting a book through ILL, please be sure to check the catalog by entering the title of the book in the above search box.
  2. If the book you want is availablefrom McKillop Library or through the HELIN Consortium, please use either the “Request from Salve” or “Request from HELIN” buttons. If the book is not available from either of those options, please use the "Request thru Interlibrary Loan" button, which will generate an interlibrary loan request.
  3. If you cannot find the book in the catalog, request your book using the interlibrary loan request form. Try to fill out as much of the form as possible.
How do I request an article?
  1. Check here to locate your article in case we already offer access.
  2. Check in the Journals A-Z listing to see if the journal is owned by Salve in either print or electronic format.
  3. Or use the interlibrary loan request form and manually fill out the information on the article you wish to request. Try to fill out as much of the form as possible.
Who may make an interlibrary loan request?
Interlibrary loan service for journal articles is available to all current faculty, students and staff of the Salve Regina University community. Materials requested should be limited to those needed for academic research. For assistance in searching for research materials on a certain topic, or to find possible alternative research materials on a certain topic that might be available more quickly from McKillop Library, please contact a librarian.

Interlibrary loan service for books is limited to faculty, staff and students living near or on campus. Books obtained through interlibrary loan cannot be mailed to anyone's home address, and must be picked up in the library.

Distance education students may only request journal articles through ILL. Special request for a book owned by Salve Regina University to be mailed to your home needs to be done by calling 401-341-2379 or send an email to library cannot mail to your home any book that does not belong to Salve Regina University.

Are there any charges?
For most materials there are no charges but sometimes McKillop Library is required to pay borrowing or copyright clearance fees.
  • Salve Regina University faculty and PhD candidates have an interlibrary loan allowance of $100 per semester (January-June, July-December).
  • Undergraduate, graduate, and staff have an allowance of $75 per semester (January-June, July-December).
Beyond this allowance, charges imposed by the lending library are the responsibility of the borrower. The Interlibrary Loan Department will inform the patron of the charges and ask for authorization to continue before obtaining the requested material.

Overdue, replacement, and damage fees imposed by the lending library are the responsibility of the borrower and are not refundable. These charges vary by lender and are often not known until a bill is charged.

How long does it take?
Interlibrary loan can be a slow process and it may take up to two weeks to complete a request. Patrons will be notified by e-mail to their account when their ILL requests arrive. Electronic materials like articles and excerpts will be e-mailed directly to the patron and physical materials such as books may be picked up at the Circulation Desk. Please be sure to have your Salve I.D. card with you when you pick-up materials.

How long can I have the item?
Photocopies of articles are the property of the borrower and are transmitted through Article Exchange. An access link and case sensitive password are emailed to your Salve email address when photocopies are available. They are also accessible from your Interlibrary Loan account. Please download and save files as they are only stored in Article Exchange for 5 views or 30 days, whichever comes first.

Make sure to check the date due on ILL books as they may vary. Most libraries will lend material for three weeks from its arrival at Salve. It is the responsibility of the borrower to return materials promptly.

Loaned materials (such as books, DVDs, etc.) may only be returned to the Circulation Desk. Materials returned by mail or other method remain the responsibility of the borrower until are returned to McKillop Library. Copies of articles are the property of the borrower and do not need to be returned.

Can my item be renewed?
Most books can be renewed if requested prior to the due date. Requests can be made either by e-mail or phone at 401-341-2379. Once the lending library has responded to a renewal request, the ILL Staff will notify the patron by e-mail. It may take one or more days before the lending library responds to a renewal request.

Some lending libraries provide longer loan periods with the condition that they may not be renewed. This will be indicated on the item below the marked date due.

Copyright Restrictions:
  • Federal laws limit what McKillop Library is able to obtain through interlibrary loan.
  • Each patron may only request one chapter per book or an excerpt of up to 10%.
  • Each patron may only request one article per issue of a journal.
  • Per calendar year, McKillop Library may only obtain five articles (for the entire SRU Community) from the same journal title published during the most recent five years.
Interlibrary Loan FAQs for Borrowing Libraries
What request method is preferred?
Requests should be submitted through the borrower’s home library either through OCLC (Salve Regina University’s code is SLV) or through the LORI ILL Request Form. Libraries who are not members of LORI and do not have access to OCLC may submit an ALA request form to

Does Salve charge borrowing fees?
Salve Regina University does not charge borrowing fees, is a member of the Libraries Very Interested in Sharing (LVIS) group, and welcomes all reciprocal borrowing agreements.

How long can materials be borrowed?
Materials borrowed are due 6 weeks from the date the request is processed.

Can materials be renewed?
Most materials may be renewed for an additional 4 weeks.

What materials do not circulate through interlibrary loan?
Salve Regina University is not able to fulfill requests from electronic materials: e-journals, eBooks, streaming videos. Some physical collections are non-circulating as well and include: Oversized, Reference, CRC Media and Kits, Whitaker Collection, Newport Collection, and Archives and Special Collections.
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