Database Purchase Request Form

We welcome faculty suggestions for new database subscriptions.

Please contact your library liaison or check our current databases list to determine whether the library subscribes to a database that provides access to equivalent resources. If you think an existing database should be replaced with your suggestion, you will have an opportunity to let us know below.

Since databases require a commitment to on-going and increasing annual expenditure of funds, the library is constrained in its ability to offer new database subscriptions.

When deciding on a new database request, criteria includes pricing, relevance to the curriculum, expectation for use in specific class assignments, and technical requirements, among other factors. The library collects usage statistics and cost-per-use data to help make decisions about which databases should be maintained or cancelled.

Please keep these timeframes in mind when submitting a database request:

  • Database subscriptions run from July to June.
  • January: Library submits a budget request, including funding for new databases
  • May: Library's database renewal/cancellation decisions are completed
In line with the above timeframes, database additions and cancellations will happen during summer only.

Requests from multiple faculty members, especially within a department, indicate a higher potential that the database will be used and make a stronger case for subscription. We ask that each faculty member complete a separate request form in order to provide specific information on how the database will be used in their classes and assignments.

Thank you for taking the time to complete all the questions in this form. A librarian will contact you soon to review your request.


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