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March 2003

The purpose of this brief newsletter is to inform Salve Regina University faculty and staff of new additions and improvements to McKillop Library services and resources. As always, please check the McKillop Library website for the most current information. Back Issues
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    The first statewide shared reading experience to encourage literacy, Reading Across Rhode Island, began on January 25th, 2003. The goal is to encourage all Rhode Islanders, from fourteen through senior citizens, to read the same book and to participate in discussions, activities and public events centered around the book. The first book selected is Wish You Well by David Baldacci. Set in 1940's Virginia, Wish You Well is a coming of age story with a universal theme and hopeful message. The Salve Regina English Guild has selected this book as one of their readings for the Spring semester. Reading Across Rhode Island will culminate in early May 2003 with a series of events featuring the author. The McKillop Library has copies of the book in the Browsing Area of the library as well as on Reserve. For more information visit
    The McKillop Library now has laptop computers available for use in the building for Salve Regina University students, staff, and faculty. Laptops are checked out from the Circulation Desk. Laptops are circulated on a first-come, first-serve basis, and may not be reserved in advance. Laptops must be checked out in person, and a valid SRU ID is required. A laptop borrower agreement must be signed each time a laptop is checked out, and the laptop must be signed in upon its return. The normal loan period is 2 hours. One renewal is allowed. Laptops may be used on the main, second and third floors of the McKillop Library. Access to the Internet is provided through the wireless network. The complete laptop policy can be found at
    Whose courage while dying set the bar for any Marine,
    And whose steadfast love was a precious gift."
    This is the dedication inside the cover of The Pepperdogs by Bing West which just arrived in the McKillop Library's 'Browsing' area. Gabriele Bleeke-Byrne taught art history here at Salve Regina University until 2000 and it comes as no surprise to those who knew her that she would have left an indelible mark on Mr. West. She encouraged him to write his first novel, said Mr. West, because it was something he had always wanted to do. She taught her students and inspired her co-workers with the same sense of purpose and encouragement. Her joy of exploring the unknown and absorbing new material was contagious. If a gripping, fast paced Marine action story is your cup of tea, then you will be well suited to reading this highly acclaimed novel. But at some spiritual level, it seems really important to thank Mr. West and consider this book a connection that honors Gabriele's memory. A list of additional new books can be found at
    What do you do if the item you need/want is currently checked out to another patron and isn't due back for some time? All library patrons should be aware that they do have options available to them if the item that they need is currently checked out.
    1. Check to see if another library in the HELIN consortium has the same item. If they do, put in a request for the item from another HELIN library. In most cases, you will have the item within 48 hours.
    2. Place a hold on the item that is currently out. By making a request on the item that is out, you automatically place a hold on that item. This prevents the current user from renewing the book. Thus, when it is returned to the library, the item will be held for you. You will then be notified by e-mail that the item you placed a hold on is now available at your designated pickup location. In some circumstances, placing a hold on an item will accelerate the due date making it due sooner.
    3. If the item that you need is going to be out to another patron for a long time and you don't mind waiting yourself for up to 10 days, you can place an Inter-Library Loan on the item by filling out a form online from the at
    4. If all of the above options are unsuitable to you, then you can ask a supervisor in the Circulation Department to place a Recall on the item that you need. When a Recall is placed, the patron who has the item is informed that someone else needs the item as soon as possible, and the library is requesting that the item be returned immediately. With this option, patrons should be aware that a Recall does not guarantee an item will be returned immediately.
    Several new works have recently been added to the McKillop Library Reference Collection. New additions include:
    • Encyclopedia of the U.S. Supreme Court, 3 vols.
    • The Psychology of Terrorism, 4 vols.
    • Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice, 4 vols.
    • Directory of Congressional Voting Scores and Interest Group Ratings, 2 vols.
    • Encyclopedia of Business and Finance, 2 vols.
    • Encyclopedia of Aging, 2 vols.
    • Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health, 5 vols.
    • UXL Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes, 4 vols..
    • Greenwood Encyclopedia of International Relations, 4 vols..
    • Encyclopedia of Cuba, 2 vols.
    • The Great Popes Through History, 2 vols.
    • All Things Shakespeare, 2 vols.
    • Edith Wharton A to Z
    • Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns

    New Reference works can be found on a cart outside Room 130 in the Reference Area. Take a look next time you are in the library.

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