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Information Literacy

Information Literacy Statement

McKillop Library actively works to support the University mission of helping students to "develop their abilities for thinking clearly" and to "prepare for the challenge of learning throughout their lives." Information literacy is an essential component of critical thinking and lifelong learning by allowing students to effectively research and learn about new topics throughout their lives, and by giving students the skills to evaluate the quality and accuracy of information.

The ability to find, evaluate, and use information wisely is a vital skill that students need to make informed decisions and to succeed in the workplace. By providing a variety of instructional services, McKillop Library endeavors to develop the information literacy skills of our students so that they are equipped to pursue life-long learning and contribute to their chosen fields.

What is information literacy?

Information literacy is the ability to locate, evaluate, and use information effectively.

The information literate student has...
an understanding of the process of seeking information in all its forms and formats.

an ability to analyze information for accuracy, authority and bias.

an ability to extract, manage and synthesize the information into a personal expression of ideas and values.

an understanding that there are legal and ethical issues where the intellectual property of others is concerned.

(From ACRL Information Literacy Standards)

Core skills of an information literate student include...

recognizing a need for information and defining the scope of the need.

creating an effective search strategy.

identifying relevant information resources for a certain topic.

locating and accessing information resources in multiple formats, including awareness of and skill in the use of library services and resources.

evaluating the information found.

properly citing the information and avoiding plagiarism.